Wildlife Park 2
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Deep Silver




Gamebryo, SpeedTreeRT, PathEngine


Microsoft Windows

Release Date(s)

June 23, 2006 (Europe)
July 17, 2006 (North America)


Business Simulation


Single Player



Wildlife Park 2 is the sequel to the very popular game Wildlife Park.

The game was released in June 23, 2006 (later released in North America as Wildlife Zoo in July 17, 2006). Like the game before Wildlife Park , it requires you to build a very successful Wildlife Park. There are 20 missions to be done as well.


Wildlife Park 2 has two modes, freeplay and mission mode.

Freeplay mode allows the player to create a wildlife park of limited space with no restrictions. The player is allowed to change options such as animal immunity, money limit and others.

Mission mode involves the player receiving a specific goal, and the completion of the goal allows the player to go on to a harder challenge. On the first mission, a tutorial will be explained to the player.

Game MechanicsEdit

All plants and animals will have their own suitable environment by showing an face icon. They may show anger or neutral face icon on top of the entity. If the player does not make the plants or animals happy. They will go rampage or simply die.

In order to know their environment, the player must click on the plants or animals to reveal their satisfaction.


Wildlife Park has more than 20 marine animals which includes species of sharks, dolphins, and fish. NOTE: Please note that some of the animals may not be purchasable but their attractiveness and price are found in the data. The table is not complete. Feel free to add more that are from the ORIGINAL game.

Animal Attractiveness Price Picture
African Elephant 5 stars $15000
African Elephant WP2 Profile
Anglerfish 5 stars $800
Angler Fish WP2 Profile
Arctic Hare 1 stars $100
Basilosaurus 6 stars $10000000
Bongo 2 stars $8000
Bunny 1 stars $8
Butterfly 1 stars $2
(Animal Name) (Numbers) stars $(Numbers) (Image)

Expansion PacksEdit

Wildlife Park 2: Crazy ZooEdit

In 30 March 2007, Deep Silver released the Wildlife Park 2: Crazy Zoo expansion pack. This expansion pack adds more animals, in additions to new attractions for visitors, such as boats, playgrounds, helicopter, shark diving, jeeps and on the back of horses, camels and elephants. It also adds plenty of faunas including rare ones. New missions are added as well.

Wildlife Park 2: Marine WorldEdit

Wildlife Park 2: FantasyEdit

Wildlife Park 2: Dino WorldEdit


Wildlife Park 2

Wildlife Park 2

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Wildlife Park 2 Orginal intro HD!

Wildlife Park 2 Orginal intro HD!