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Please note that we are trying to make this wikipedia similar to Zoo Tycoon Wikia mostly due to being a simulation game with same theme but different purposes despite being developed and published by different companies.

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News / Announcements

This is where you can news / announcements of Wildlife Park 2 or 3:

17th July, 2014:

B-Alive has released Wildlife Park 2: Ultimate Edition on steam! Making all expansion and DLCs from wildlife park 2 available!

9th March, 2016:

B-Alive have confirmed that Wildlife Park 3 will be getting DLCs somewhere in 2016/2017!

31th May, 2017:

Wildlife Park 3 first DLC have made its way to Coming Soon on Steam's page! It will be titled as "Wildlife Park 3 - Dino Invasion"

3rd June, 2017:

B-Alive has released Wildlife Park 3: Dino Invasion on steam!

9th June, 2017:

B-Alive confirmed that there will be a second DLC and it is expected to be released before 25th of December (Christmas). Achievements are planned as well.

10th June, 2017:

B-Alive gave the first hint for the next DLC, "Probably will be set in an area where gold rush was/is literally at home... ;-)".

July 2017:

The second DLC is named "Alaska" and is expected to be released in August!

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